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Esvyda is the right solution for employers because we help to keep employees healthy when they return work, implementing telehealth and remote monitoring of their vital signs and physical activity, avoiding the spreading of COVID19 and Keep track on those who are diagnosed with COVID19 and recovering from home. 

We also help payers, businesses and providers interested in tracking patients who have been injured on the job and are rehabilitating at home. All want to make sure they are adhering to.

Efficient use of information

The employer will have access to the platform and knowledge of the health status of its employees. This information is key for the human resources department as it will allow the adequate investment of resources for prevention and health promotion in campaigns that are much more in line with the needs of the organization.
Efficient use of information - employers (empleadores)
Employee Well-being - employers (empleadores)

Employee well-being

Developing campaigns to promote healthy life and work habits accompanied by a culture of monitoring vital signs can help identify risk factors for physical and mental health within organizations. 

The positive impact will be reflected in the reduction of absenteeism levels, better quality of life, greater motivation of employees, and a better work environment.

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