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Patients can have the best RPM and Telehealth solution because we reach out to patients and engage them proactively, respecting their likes without disrupting their daily living or daily routines. Our solution fits in patients’ lives and preferences by using the technology patients have including their own smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Seniors may opt in to use devices that directly send information to their doctors without using anything else. We engage seniors making understandable the technology.

Remote Patient Monitoring

With our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution patients will be using mobile medical devices and wearable technology to gather a wide variety of patient-generated health data (PGHD) and send it to healthcare professionals in real-time, improving the adherence to care plans and healthcare outcomes.

Patients can use medical devices or wearables from home or work to collect data of their vital signs and send this information to their doctor and care team.
Patients can view their vital signs measurements in a graphical interface that allows a better visualization of health trends and the limits allowed for such readings.

Patients will have a safe place where their health information is stored, such as: 

  • Profile documentation
  • Profile credentials
  • Insurances
  • Problems
  • Allergies
  • Nurse notes
  • Symptoms
  • Readings schedule
  • Patient’s daily times

On a daily basis, patients can see in their mobile app or the web platform all the activities and tasks (Goals) that their care team has recommended for their health care. 

Patients can answer surveys that their medical team sends through the mobile application, to measure satisfaction and provide information on the results of the treatment.

Patients will be reminded, via notifications on the phone, to measure their vital signs, to complete the daily goals or when they have an appointment with the doctor. 


Now it is possible for patients to contact their doctor or care team from the comfort of their home or in their free time at the workplace. No more traveling to the doctor’s office, or waiting in a room full of people, with just one click patients can make a video call for the help they need.

Patients will be able to manage their medical appointments using the mobile application. Patients can self schedule, pay, and check-in for their appointments. as well as checking the appointments’ specifications, and access virtual meetings with the doctor. 

Patients have the option of accessing video calls with their doctor through their phone or computer browser without using any application or having an account.

Patients can send secure messages to their doctor, or reply to messages from their care team, using the mobile app. 

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health is how behaviors and habits can affect your health, treatment, and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. This would include how behaviors like eating, sleeping, drinking, resting, or exercising impact physical or mental health.

Doctors can add goals to the patient’s care plan, that will help in a comprehensive treatment of the patient’s health. Goals can be about the number of hours of sleep, practice of relaxation techniques and physical activities, promote a balanced diet and much more.
Patients can receive surveys on their mobile application related to their lifestyle, mental and emotional health, and healthy nutrition. This in order to support the patient in a holistic and comprehensive way
We do not want patients to lose the clinical touch they are used to, because a patient’s relationship with their doctor or nurse is special and sacred. It is a unique relationship and we want to keep that, but we want to be there when an in-person conversation can’t happen.
Family Integration - Patients (Pacientes)

Family Integration

Patients can add their family members to their care team and choose the specific information that each family member will be able to access. 

  • Vital signs
  • Messages
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Medical appointments
  • Care team

It is important that patients feel supported by their family, this will increase their levels of adherence to their health plan, since it reduces the chances that they will interrupt their treatment or miss their medical appointments.

Health Devices Integration

Technology helps us to do our activities and tasks in a more efficient way. Health also benefits from the use of technology. 

Patients can monitor their vital signs from the comfort of their home or office and as often as necessary, quickly and reliably.
Esvyda’s platform has the ability to connect via Bluetooth with medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, glucometers, thermometers, weight scales, and pulse oximeters. We can also connect to wearable devices and thus track patients’ health status in real-time and all around the clock.

Technology at the service of patients’ well-being.


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