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Esvyda is the right solution for payers because we help payers to identify challenges and opportunities running the best remote care solutions such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring programs for their members, keeping them out of high-cost episodes of care, providing value-based care, improving quality of care while lowering costs. 

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a part of the field of Artificial Intelligence, which consists of using algorithms to analyze and identify patterns in massive data in order to create learning models for computers and servers.
Esvyda has the ability to collect a large amount of information from the population, through a mobile app and medical/wearable devices. All the patient-generated health data is collected in order to cast risk management strategies to design more specific and efficient treatments, care plans, and health campaigns. 

Esvyda can capture PGHD like:

  • Health history
  • Symptoms
  • Biometric data (Vitals)
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Nutrition choices
  • Treatment history
  • Medication side effects
  • Outcome measures
Patient Risk Management - Artificial Intelligence (Payers - Pagadores)
Predictive Analytics (Payers - Pagadores)

Predictive Analytics

A reimbursable Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring solution that integrates into workflows and allows to track of vital signs, lifestyle, and medication, enabling healthcare providers, caregivers, and families to follow-up population’s care plans and adherence.


Thanks to the modular way in which Esvyda solutions are built and the skills of our team, Our platform can be adapted to the different needs of health institutions.

Customizations can be applied in three levels: 

Based on medical studies and supported by our medical advisors, the platform has by default configurations of clinical variables that can be adapted to most populations, thus saving time and making processes faster. 
These variables can be configured according to the requirements of the institutions or specific populations that want to address, variables such as Targets, Goals, Alerts, Notifications, and Care plans

To make workflows more efficient, Esvyda solutions can be adapted to processes throughout the institutions’ service chain. 

Start of the chain:
– Information validation
– Requirements compliance validation
– Eligibility of health insurance validation
– Payment collection

Along the chain:
– RPM and Telehealth interfaces
– Information storage
– Information management
– Treatment templates or documentation

End of the chain:
– Follow-ups (surveys and visits)
– Reports generation
– Claims submission

Our platform can be adapted for reflecting the corporate image of the customer health institution. The adaptations may include logo inclusion, colors, the appearance of modules and portals on the web platform and mobile applications, access to information, and even changes to independent servers.

Customizations - (Payers - Pagadores)

RPM - ROI Calculator

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Potential recurring Annual RPM Revenue


Use the slide bars or type in, to get to the right number on each of the fields.
The calculator will show the Potential Recurring Annual RPM Revenue can generate for your practice and how many Medicare patients you can have enrolled in the RPM program. 

The Esvyda Solution will help you to increase your revenue while providing high-quality healthcare to your patients. We made our calculations based on statistics and trends, these variables can be different from practice to practice. For a customized ROI Inform created specifically for your practice, you can contact us or schedule a demo today.

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