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Esvyda is the right solution for providers because without extra work for providers we help them to increase reimbursement and revenue, while providing current care and develop patients retention strategies for improving health outcomes. 

Identifying and applying the best remote healthcare solution for your riskier patient population as the best way to compete and get reimbursed in the new era of Value-Based reimbursement models or being reimbursed under current Fee-For-Service model.

Population Management

Population Management tools enable physicians to access real-time data to prevent complications, significantly improve a patient’s quality of life, and use resources for prevention strategies efficiently. Thus avoid costly ER visits and needless hospitalizations through proactive intervention.

In addition, patients and their family members feel comfortable knowing that they are being monitored and will be supported if any problems arise. Increasing patient satisfaction rates.

Providers can access patient’s vital signs information to monitor their health status and following up on the treatment adherence levels.
Providers can view the patient’s vital signs measurements in a graphical interface that allows a better visualization of health trends and the limits allowed for such readings.

Providers will be able to manage, access and use information related to the health history of their patients as well as synchronize it with their EHR. Information such as: 

  • Profile documentation
  • Profile credentials
  • Insurances
  • Problems
  • Allergies
  • Nurse notes
  • Symptoms
  • Readings schedule
  • Patient’s daily times
Health care practices will have the option of configuring the medical and care team for each patient and assign tasks or activities according to the patient’s health status and condition.
According to the patient’s needs and problems, doctors can set up a specific care plan for a particular patient or for a population suffering from a certain health condition.
The targets are the limits that a normal vital sign measurement should be in between, providers can modify the default targets according to each patient’s condition and status.
Doctors can send surveys to a specific patient or to a population, to evaluate the levels of satisfaction and to be able to generate strategies that allow a greater adherence of the patients to the care plans and encourage a healthy lifestyle habits adoption.

Providers will be notified on the web portal, if the patients are following their care plan, if their readings are within the normal ranges for their conditions, and when they have an scheduled appointment.

Behavioral Health Integration

A reimbursable Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring solution that integrates into workflows and allows to track of vital signs, lifestyle, and medication, enabling healthcare providers, caregivers, and families to follow-up population’s care plans and adherence.

Doctors will be able to see their appointments scheduled for the day, week or month. They will also be able to open available slots for patients to independently schedule appointments.

Doctors can build their own video calling rooms, to which they can invite registered and unregistered patients on our platform. Invitations can be sent via email and text message.

Doctors and the care team can ask patients about the results of the care plan, investigate their habits or send relevant information to patients through the secure messages.

Social determinants of health (SDOH) are conditions that patients are under at places they live, learn, work, and play. SDOH affect a wide range of health and quality-of life-risks and outcomes. 
Personalized surveys help doctors to investigate and gather more information about the patient’s environment and then use it for making their treatment and care plans more efficient.


Esvyda’s platform has the ability to connect and communicate with Electronic Health Record providers (EHRs), Esvyda can send and obtain information such as: 

  • Patient information
  • Vital Signs Records
  • Patient problems
  • Patient allergies
  • Nursing Notes
  • Medical appointment records

and much more.

report & measurement-


To manage information efficiently, doctors and medical personnel can generate customized reports. They can select from different types of reports, the patients to include and the time frame they need to review. 

The reports include:

  • Vital sign readings values.
  • Number of days with vital sign readings
  • Telemedicine time
  • Patient status (date of registration, last connection, last reading)
  • And more information.

Reports can be exported and saved in XLS and CSV formats


Measuring health programs’ outcomes and setting achievable goals is the perfect mix for running successful RPM, Population Management, and Telehealth programs.

We help providers to measure: 

  • Reimbursement by type of visits
  • Reimbursement by provided services
  • Costs by type of visits
  • Costs of devices
  • Total number of visits/patients
  • Total number of visits/sessions/appoitments complted
  • Most relevant type of visit/Vital sign
  • Secure messages tracking
  • Growth of online visits/Patients over time
  • Patient engagement levels
  • Patient/users satisfaction levels
  • Up/down time of services
  • New users/patients
  • Returning patients from online visits
  • Users/patients retention
  • Average waiting time for getting an appointment
  • Average waiting time before the appointment
  • Average duration of online visits
  • Average patient visit time
  • Medical/Non-medical staff satisfaction
  • Medical/Non-medical total worked hours


Use the slide bars or type in, to get to the right number on each of the fields.
The calculator will show the Potential Recurring Annual RPM Revenue can generate for your practice and how many Medicare patients you can have enrolled in the RPM program. 

The Esvyda Solution will help you to increase your revenue while providing high-quality healthcare to your patients. We made our calculations based on statistics and trends, these variables can be different from practice to practice. For a customized ROI Inform created specifically for your practice, you can contact us or schedule a demo today.

RPM - ROI Calculator

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Potential recurring Annual RPM Revenue

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