vitual therapy for PTSD post taumatic stress disorder and monitoring via RPM remote patient monitoring and telehealth

Revolutionizing PTSD Care with Remote Monitoring

In the field of mental health, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) presents significant challenges for both patients and healthcare providers. However, emerging technological advances are transforming how this condition is treated, especially through remote patient monitoring. PTSD can arise after experiencing a traumatic event like military combat, natural disasters, abuse, or assault. Symptoms may include flashbacks, […]

Patient-Centric Healthcare: Engagement that transforms lives

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the patient takes center stage, not as a passive recipient, but as a proactive partner in their own wellness journey. Engagement improving is at the heart of this transformation, and it’s powered by three distinct experiences that redefine healthcare as we know it: Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Personalized Care […]
Telehealth and remote patient monitoring senior patients Telesalud y Telemedicina para monitoreo remoto de pacientes adulto mayor

Telehealth: Bridging the Healthcare Accessibility Gap

One promising solution that surprisingly has emerged in recent years is telehealth. With its ability to connect patients and healthcare providers remotely, telehealth holds immense potential in breaking down traditional barriers and making healthcare accessible to individuals of all incomes. Unfortunately, many individuals face barriers that prevent them from seeking timely medical attention. These barriers […]
RPM Remote Patient Monitoring with Telehealth Monitoreo Remoto de Pacientes y Telesalud

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM): An Ally For Healthcare Providers Against COVID-19

Remote patient monitoring ( RPM ) has emerged as a critical tool in the fight against COVID-19. The pandemic has put tremendous pressure on healthcare systems worldwide, and RPM has provided an effective solution to address some of those challenges. With RPM, healthcare providers can monitor and manage patients with COVID-19 in real-time, helping to […]
senior patient having a video call with doctor for remote patient monitoring and Telehealth mental health mental disorders. Monitoreo remoto de pacientes con telesalud telemedicina Trastornos mentales y enfermedades crónicas

Mental disorders and chronic diseases

Mental disorders produce a significant impact on a person’s physical health, often leading to chronic diseases and other conditions. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental disorders are the leading cause of disability worldwide. Additionally, the link between mental and physical health has become increasingly apparent in recent years. Firstly, mental disorders such as […]
Man nurse teaching retired woman with disability to use smartphone for remote patient monitoring and telehealth, mental health salud mental

Improving seniors mental health with remote monitoring technology

With the use of technology, mental health for seniors has improved, as it allows physicians to monitor patients remotely and provide virtual care, reducing the need for in-person visits and keeping seniors safe in their homes. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telehealth have been particularly effective in improving mental health outcomes in seniors, who are […]
datos de los pacientes

Patient data protection while using Telehealth

Patient data protection and cybersecurity, have become critical concerns for healthcare providers and patients. Moreover, with the increasing demand for telehealth services accelerated by the Covid19. Telehealth, or the provision of healthcare services remotely using electronic means, has become increasingly popular in recent years. Offering patients medical care within their homes and especially to those […]
senior couple using a cellphone phone for remote patient monitoring and telehealth - healthy habits - pareja mayor usando un teléfono celular para monitoreo remoto de pacientes y telesalud - hábitos saludables mental health salud mental

Creating Healthy Habits for Patients

There is no doubt that doctors, physicians, and medical staff are aware of the importance of patients long-lasting healthy habits. And establishing them, in order to maintain compliance with treatment and change their overall well-being. Nevertheless, most of the time, the process feels foreign to them. Almost, to the point that they want to leave […]
Behavioral health via Remote Patient Monitoring RPM and Telehealth. Salud mental a travez del monitoreo remoto de pacientes y la telesalud telemedicina

Behavioral Health Strategy: From the Basics

What is Behavioral Health Strategy? From the point of view of the CMS, the behavioral health strategy covers prevention and treatment for mental health services, substance use, crisis, and pain intervention removing barriers and adapting an approach for better behavioral health practices in the United States. This strategy allows patients and behavioral health providers to […]
Hispanic Population and Latino Population for Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth Población Latina para Monitoreo Remoto de Pacientes y Telesalud o Telemedicina

Why address the US Hispanic/ Latino Population in the healthcare system?

The Latino population in the United States has grown exponentially in the last decade. Being the 18.5% of the residents with a total of 60.6 million Hispanic citizens, therefore, making them the most significant minority in terms of economic growth and workforce representation, with 16.7% of the workforce. As a result of different migratory circumstances […]