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Esvyda's eHealth platform's streamlined workflows empower providers to elevate patient care, maximize revenue, and promote population health outcomes.

Our virtual health services seamlessly integrate with health records, medical devices, and wearables, boosting health staff efficiency, patient engagement, and information security.

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Esvyda Solution is Leading the Healthcare Innovation

Easy, Efficient and Profitable

Esvyda isn’t just a user-friendly outpatient platform, it’s a healthcare revolution. Our cutting-edge eHealth services and features empower providers to remotely engage with patients and deliver personalized, billable, and intelligent health care.
Healthcare without boundaries, available anytime, anywhere.


Patient’s health monitoring outside the doctor’s office. 


High-technology tools for health management.


Secure and accurate health performance trackers.

Care Programs

Promotion of well-being through value based services. 

Esvyda empowers providers to elevate patient care!

Esvyda is the right solution for providers because without extra work for providers we help them to increase reimbursement and revenue, while providing current care and develop patients retention strategies for improving health outcomes. 

Esvyda helps providers to:

Esvyda makes healthcare workflows simple and efficient, by supporting multi-platform integrations and a wide portfolio of health monitoring and information management tools.

These, reduce healthcare providers’ administrative burden, improves task management, ensures data accuracy, and frees up time for patient care.

Esvyda’s advanced RPM solution, enables healthcare professionals to remotely track patients and populations’ vital signs, symptoms, moods, social determinants, and adherence to care plans.

This comprehensive and holistic approach to health, facilitates proactive interventions and timely adjustments to treatment strategies, improving patient outcomes and the patient-provider relationship.

Patient engagement is key for remote patient monitoring programs. Esvyda provides the best tools for fostering in patients a sense of ownership and motivation, increasing adherence to care plans, and encouraging goals achievement.

These, empower patients by promoting their involvement in decision-making and leading to improved health outcomes and satisfaction. 

Remote patient monitoring makes possible for health care providers to expand the virtual health services they can provide and implement an efficient and automated billing system.

RPM presents a win-win scenario for healthcare providers, ensuring accurate and efficient reimbursement for services rendered. and streamlined financial operations. 

With the use of medical devices, wearables and telecommunication tools; Remote patient monitoring allows healthcare professionals to follow-up patients’ vital signs and health conditions, ensuring timely interventions and personalized care.

These technologies play a crucial role in overcoming geographical or mobility barriers, improving access to health care services. 

How Esvyda works


Vital Signs Measurements

Patients become an active part in their treatment when enabled and encouraged to adhere to their care plan.


Medical Devices and Wearables Connection

Accurate and easy on the go vitals signs measurements. Bluetooth or Cellular (SIM) connected devices.


Health Management Web Platform

Esvyda’s platform is designed for keeping the information accessible, available, and secure. We are HIPAA compliant!


Billing Engine and Claims Assistance

Automated claims generator helps providers to focus on patient health and not in billing procedures.


Health Services Reimbursement

Providers will be paid for all the services rendered. With Esvyda, providers can increase their revenue and capacity.

Esvyda's Care Management Center

Esvyda has a highly-skilled team that helps providers to increase reimbursement, patient engagement and practice efficiency without extra work. Esvyda’s CMC is ready to provide tech support and care assistance to providers as needed.

Esvyda helps providers with:

  • Patient eligibility, coverage and benefits.

  • Patient onboarding and enrollment.

  • Health services follow-up (RPM + on demand).

  • Patient engagement, education and marketing strategies.

  • Customizable reports and billing assistance.

  • Timely technical support.

We make patient care more efficient, tailored and friendly. 

What our clients say about us

Nuestra plataforma, aplicación y soporte están disponibles en inglés y en español.

Esvyda comprende las necesidades culturales latinas/hispanas y ayuda a las prácticas médicas y los sistemas de salud a brindar soluciones personalizadas y reembolsables de telemedicina, monitoreo remoto de pacientes y participación de pacientes para esta población en crecimiento.

Our platform, mobile app and support are available on English and Spanish.

Esvyda understands the cultural Latino/Hispanic needs and helps medical practices and health systems to provide tailored and reimbursable telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and patient engagement solutions to this growing population.

Start improving your patients health now!

Esvyda isn’t just a user-friendly outpatient platform, it’s a healthcare revolution. Our cutting-edge eHealth services, features, and streamlined workflows empower providers to elevate patient care, maximize revenue, and promote population health outcomes.

  • Smart Workflows

  • Efficient Health Management

  • Patient Engagement

  • Revenue Maximization

  • High-Technology Devices

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