Smart Workflows

Esvyda streamlines healthcare workflows through multi-platform integrations and comprehensive health monitoring tools, reducing administrative tasks, enhancing data accuracy, and freeing up time for patient care.

How it works

  • Connection with external vendors
    (Data transmision and synchronization)

  • Care Management Center
    (Outreach, Onboarding, and Training)

  • Care team task manager

  • Population management groups

  • Practice performance insights
    (RPM Dashboard)

  • Multiplatform solution
    (Web portal, Mobile app Android + iOS)

  • Multi language platform (Eng + Span)

Efficient Health Management

Esvyda’s RPM solution allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor patients’ health and adherence to care plans, supporting proactive interventions and treatment adjustments, thus enhancing patient outcomes and relationships. 

How it works

  • Vital signs tracking

  • Physical activity tracking

  • Documentation manager
    (Personal + Health information, Demographics, Problems, Alergies, Medical notes)

  • Customizable surveys

  • Personalizaed care plan (Vital signs, Nutrition, Rest)

  • Medication manager

  • Goals

  • Targets

  • Time tracking tool

  • Treatment guides
    (set up and follow up to care programs, targets and goals)

Patient Engagement

Esvyda enhances remote patient monitoring by offering tools that boost patient engagement, adherence to care plans, and goal achievement, empowering patients in their healthcare decisions and improving outcomes and satisfaction.

How it works

  • Care Management Center

  • Secure messages

  • Notifications (Alerts and Reminders)

  • Family member integration

Revenue Maximization

Esvyda enables healthcare providers to boost revenue and streamline billing through expanded virtual health services and automated reimbursement processes, making remote patient monitoring a beneficial approach for improved financial operations and revenue growth.

How it works

  • Insurance eligibility

  • Automatic billing reports

  • Billing engine

  • Claims assistant

High-Technology Devices

Remote patient monitoring leverages advanced technologies, including medical devices and telecommunication tools, to enable healthcare professionals to monitor patients’ health remotely, ensuring timely care and overcoming access barriers, thus enhancing convenience and accessibility in healthcare.

How it works

  • Medical devices

  • Wearables

  • Devices logistics (Delivery and reverse logistics)

Increase your revenue
while improve your patients health!

Transform the way you deliver healthcare with our innovative virtual health platform. Esvyda enables you to extend your range of services, reach more patients, increase treatment engagement, and significantly increase your revenue streams.