Esvyda Devices

Where health technology meets simplicity of use

Our commitment rests on three pillars that ensure the best healthcare experience.

  • We prioritize your ease with devices that are not only user-friendly but also a breeze to set up.
  • Our cutting-edge technology encompasses Bluetooth and SIM card connectivity, ensuring seamless integration to meet your unique needs.
  • Our device catalogue provide coverage to measure a wide spectrum of vital signs and health parameters.

Monitor health outcomes as simple as ABC

How Esvyda works


Vital Signs Measurements

Patients become an active part in their treatment when enabled and encouraged to adhere to their care plan.


Medical Devices and Wearables Connection

Accurate and easy on the go vitals signs measurements. Bluetooth or Cellular (SIM) connected devices.


Health Management Web Platform

Esvyda’s platform is designed for keeping the information accessible, available, and secure. We are HIPAA compliant!


Billing Engine and Claims Assistance

Automated claims generator helps providers to focus on patient health and not in billing procedures.


Health Services Reimbursement

Providers will be paid for all the services rendered. With Esvyda, providers can increase their revenue and capacity.

Get to know the Esvyda Devices

Blood Pressure

Supported devices:
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Supported devices:
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Supported devices:
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Supported devices:
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Oxigen Saturation

Supported devices:
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Empower your practice and boost patient care with top-tier devices

Esvyda’s high-tech and user-friendly medical devices and wearables, simplify patient monitoring, promote proactive care, and provide accurate real-time health data.