Esvyda Mobile App!

Where health technology meets simplicity of use

Esvyda mobile app was created for patients so they can consult and enter there their vital signs, view active care plans, interact with medical staff and manage medical appointments; in this way, they will be able to see live improvements and progress in treatments, which increases adherence and participation in treatments.

Key features includes:

  • Vital signs monitoring

  • Alerts, reminders and notifications

  • Direct messages with the doctor

  • Care plans and goals

How to get the Esvyda App?

You can download the Esvyda App either by clicking on the App Store/Google Play buttons or scanning the QR code.

Choose the right option based on your phone’s or tablet’s operative system.

Available on the

App Store

Available on

Google Play

Helping doctors to deliver better care


Smart Workflows

The Esvyda app optimizes doctors’ workflows by automating data collection and routine tasks, providing immediate access to patient information across platforms, thereby improving healthcare delivery and efficiency.


Efficient Health Management

The Esvyda app automates health data collection and entry, reducing human error and ensuring doctors receive accurate, reliable data crucial for informed decisions and treatment planning.


Patient Engagement

The Esvyda app empowers patients to track health, communicate with providers, and share info with family, enhancing engagement and compliance, thus improving health outcomes.


Revenue Maximization

Mobile health apps increase revenue by capturing detailed patient data for accurate CPT coding and comprehensive documentation, enhancing coding accuracy, reducing under-coding, and ensuring billing compliance.


High-Technology Devices

Mobile health apps integrate with medical devices for remote monitoring, transmitting real-time health data to providers, enabling advanced home-based technology and timely medical interventions.