Remote Patient Monitoring

Esvyda’s Remote Patient Monitoring is the best solution for delivering timely, efficient, and profitable health care!

Our solution provides features that will help care providers to increase their practice revenue while lowering care costs.

By creating efficient workflows, providers can reimburse for new or more services than before, while improving patients’ health outcomes and engagement with care plans. 

The “Esvyda Way” is designed to improve the efficiency and profitability of care programs through virtual health services. We do this by collecting in our cloud-based platform; health, and wellness data from patients through at-home remote monitoring devices and wearables. The acquired biometric and patient-supplied information help providers not only to track and refine their population/diseases management programs, but also for maximizing the billable services. 

Step 1:

Platform Outset

To create efficient RPM programs and ensure care coordination, Esvyda can tailor the cloud-based infrastructure to the unique needs of each provider. Including the number of providers and patients, EHR/EMR connection, branding display, and more. 


Step 2:

Patient Outreach

Strategies for prequalifying and targeting patients that are likely to be eligible for RPM programs. Based on patient’s health condition for at least one chronic disease, and insurance coverage (Medicare or Commercial).


Step 3:

Monitoring Kit

Logistics for the supply of easy-to-use medical or/and wearable devices, as well as patient education on how to use the devices and the Esvyda app.


Step 4:

Care Programs

Set up of treatments based on patient’s or population group’s needs. 


Step 5:

Engagement Lift

Motivational strategies for promoting adherence to care plans, treatments, and medication schedules. Looking for goals achievement, active lifestyle, better health outcomes, and meeting billable services levels. 


Step 6:

Smart Insights

Provide relevant information about the patient’s behaviors, population’s outcomes, and remote patient monitoring program’s progress (Care plan tracking). Including graphics and data logs, custom reports, analytics, and quality metrics. 


Step 7:

Billing Assistance

The invoicing module enables providers to generate claims for virtual services rendered to patients based on period and procedure codes. Next, integrate the data with the EHR to send the claim to the insurance.


  • 99091

    Collection and interpretation of physiologic data.

  • 99453

    Patient onboarding for RPM services by clinical staff, patient education regarding devices, and setting up a care plan.

  • 99454

    The supply and use of the medical devices used to remotely monitor and collect patient-generated health data (PGHD).

  • 99457

    Reimbursement for the first 20 minutes of time that clinical staff spends with a patient.

  • 99458

    Reimbursement for additional 20 minutes of time that clinical staff spends with a patient.

Increase your revenue
while improve your patients health!

Transform the way you deliver healthcare with our innovative virtual health platform. Esvyda enables you to extend your range of services, reach more patients, increase treatment engagement, and significantly increase your revenue streams.