About Us

Esvyda! Inc was founded in 2012 from the personal experience of Elias Lozano (CEO) of taking care of his parents.

Esvyda was created with the idea to help seniors who are suffering from chronic conditions to satisfy their demand for specialized care and assistance without feeling socially isolated and living independently at home. While providing peace of mind to caregivers and family caregivers that are wedged between the care of their family and work responsibilities, and at the same time supporting and providing more revenue to healthcare providers. 

Esvyda Values


We are continuously moving forward, improving to meet solutions for our customers. 


We are passionate about building a healthy environment for citizens in the USA.  


We build open and honest relationships in a positive team and family spirit atmosphere.



We work hard to develop the most trustworthy solution for care of people.


Our Mission

Boost the remote care landscape by increasing clinical providers’ efficiency and revenue rates; and helping patients to overcome technological barriers and achieve better health outcomes. Develop a population management solution with remote patient monitoring, telehealth, optimized intelligent workflows, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and billing systems. 

Our Vision

Be a technology organization with a human touch that leads the remote health care industry in the Americas, making health more efficient, affordable, sustainable, and accessible for improving population’s quality of life while increasing the revenue for healthcare providers, payers, corporations, and consumers. 

What motivates us!

  • Why?

    Improve the population's quality of life, while reducing costs and increasing the revenue for health systems and providers.

  • How?

    Build a digital health ecosystem for making health care services more efficient, sustainable and accesible.

  • What?

    Develop a digital healthcare solution to support health services.

Esvyda's relationships and certifications