(RPM) Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) enables monitoring of patients outside of the clinical setting, such as at home and work. Patients will be using mobile medical devices and wearable technology to gather a wide variety of patient-generated health data (PGHD). Then, it will be automatically sent to healthcare professionals in real-time, improving the adherence to care plans and healthcare outcomes.

For those reasons and more, RPM can greatly improve a person’s quality of life!

RPM Benefits

RPM benefits for providers:

Guiding clients

Esvyda understands that the relationship with the client is key to having successful results in the health industry. Therefore, we adapt our tools according to the client’s specific needs, to obtain optimal benefits according to their workflows.

Human touch

Online consultations are the best option to provide expert medical advice and help with treatments follow-up for almost all medical conditions. Of course, always maintaining the human touch between the doctor and the patient.

Prices and Costs

Esvyda commits to helping providers and promoting cost savings for the health system with its telehealth management and RPM tools.

RPM benefits for patients:

Esvyda and its Remote Patient Monitoring solution provide benefits to patients for their lives, through the use of devices and wearebles technology, and the direct connection of data with the professional medical team.

Vital Signs Capture

The ease for patients to use medical devices or wearable devices from home or during work to collect data on their vital signs and send this information to their doctor and care team.

Vital Signs Graphics

The display of measurements of patients’ vital signs in a graphical interface allows better interpretation. Moreover, trends and allowable limits for such readings can be easily interpreted.

Patients Management

Definitely, a safe place to store patient health information, such as:

  • Profile documentation
  • Profile credentials
  • Insurances
  • Problems
  • Allergies
  • Nurse notes
  • Symptoms
  • Readings schedule
  • Patient’s daily times


On a daily basis, patients can immediately see in their mobile app or the web platform all the activities and tasks (Goals) that their care team has recommended for their health care.


Currently, patients can provide additional information by answering surveys that their medical team sends through the mobile application. As a result, providers can measure satisfaction and provide information regarding treatments results and health outcomes.

Alerts and Notifications

The best of all is that patients will be reminded, via notifications on the phone. For instance, regarding vital signs readings, daily goals, or appointments with the doctor.

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