Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits

Telehealth is a tool full of benefits with a growing rate of adoption among US citizens of all ages. Due to its comfortability, and quick adjustment to day-to-day needs, it represents a solid solution for healthcare.

The benefits of using telehealth are vast, presenting an ally in searching for patients’ and their families’ health and wellness. Conferring, at the same time, a strong solution for providers and clinicians, and a reliable resource for payers.

When wisely combined with tailored treatments, whether for patients suffering from chronic diseases, people at risk, or for preventive programs that promote healthy lifestyles, where at the same time a proactive link between health/home care providers, caregivers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies is set, telehealth succeed as a complete solution for healthcare.

Telehealth offers great benefits, let’s get to know them:

beneficios de telesalud Telehealth And Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits

1. To complement physical care, empowering primary doctors.

beneficios de telesalud Telehealth And Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits

The human touch is relevant when caring for patients. Consequently, digitalization in health care may complement how doctors treat patients and attract a younger audience. Almost all medical conditions can be treated online with expert medical advice and follow-up treatments.

Through virtual care, doctors, care teams, patients, and families can communicate via secure messages, SMS, or email. Promoting a patient-centric approach.

Furthermore, by providing tools such as self-book appointments, and access to medical notes and treatment, patients are most likely to engage in interactions with their doctors

A variety of remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions are available to monitor vital signs and monitor physical activity. Complementing personalized treatments or preventive care provided by doctors to patients.

2. For mental and sexual health diseases, Telehealth make patients feel comfortable

In most cultures, mental and sexual diseases are still taboo subjects. As a result, appointment cancellations increase, and doctors’ incomes reduce significantly.

In telemedicine, these issues can be addressed discreetly, and patients feel more comfortable talking in familiar environments. Using telehealth, providers can offer individual and group therapies as well as involve families.

3. Medication Management.

Doctors can follow up on prescriptions through booked appointments. So, they can adjust regimens based on progress in treating patients, their feedback, and their medical history.

By using follow-up video consultations, readmission rates and ER visits can be significantly reduced. 

Also, Telehealth is the best option for post-discharge programs and short-medium-long term treatment plans for patients with chronic conditions.

beneficios de telesalud Telehealth And Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits

4. Provide cost saving to the Healthcare System.

Appointment cancellation may be avoidable because problems relative to transportation may be solved. Especially useful for elderly persons or those living by themselves with physical disabilities.

5. Time reduction

People who do not have enough time to spend in a waiting room because of their work schedule may see a doctor easily using online video consultations. 

6. Preventive programs via Telehealth

These may be addressed by care providers and institutions, using online consultations. With the integration of lifestyle, physical activity, and nutrition to treat a patient in a holistic way, by using telehealth, patients may be treated anytime, anywhere. 

Esvyda wisely provides telehealth solutions for healthcare providers, which together with customizable treatments can treat patients in a holistic way! It is a complete telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring solution that integrates transversal tools for optimization in all processes of the health system. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time through our different support channels.

Telehealth And Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits

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