CPT Code 99487 – CCM

This service refers Complex chronic care management CCM on a monthly basis, for a patient who has chronic medical problems which require moderate or high medical decision making- 60 minutes of time spent with the patient. 

Once your clinical staff time reaches 60 minutes of complex care management, it has to be reported.

Esvyda may help you to perform the following services

Evaluate medical and/or psychosocial needs: Evaluating your patients according to demographics, problems, family history and chronic level of the conditions, interoperating with your EHR.

Establish or substantially revise a care plan: Patient’s care plan at the palm of your hands! And any update available to you and your patients in real time.

Problems requiring moderate or high complexity Medical Decision Making (MDM).  

Devices - CCM

Avoid ED visits: No more Frequent Flyers!!! Our solution allows the reduction of ER visits and Hospitalization, saving cost to your practice!

Multiple illnesses: We assess, stratify and manage the multiple chronic conditions of your patients, helping you to provide personalized treatments for them.

Multiple medication use: We manage adherence of patients to medication through customizable
reminders, alerts and refill orders.

Ability to perform ADL: Through our 24/7 telemonitoring services, patients and/or caregivers are able to receive guidance in the activities of daily living and Health Care Providers gain better insights about patient’s preferences.

Esvyda may help you to provide these capabilities in your practice:

  • Continuity of care delivered to all Caregivers involved, through access to patient's health information Anytime, Anywhere.

  • Provide timely follow up to ED visits or Admissions.

  • Integrate with your Electronic Health Record (EHR), thus you may have access to any patient's information.

  • Use standardized methodology for identifying patients

  • Have internal care management process/function.

  • Use a standardized format in the medical record.

  • Be able to engage and educate patient and care givers through friendly SMS, videos and chat.

  • Coordinate care among all providers.

Calculate your complex care management income per patient per month

99487 1 $92.66 $52.59
99489 1 $46.87 $26.63
TOTAL PER MONTH $139.53 $79.22

Not billable codes by RHCs and FQHCs

CPT 99487 Complex chronic care management services
CPT 99489 Complex chronic care management services, each additional 30 minutes
G0502, G0503, G0504 and G0507 BHI (Behavioral Health Integration) codes
G0506 Comprehensive assessment of and care planning by the physician or other quali
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