Creating Healthy Habits for Patients

There is no doubt that doctors, physicians, and medical staff are aware of the importance of patients long-lasting healthy habits. And establishing them, in order to maintain compliance with treatment and change their overall well-being. Nevertheless, most of the time, the process feels foreign to them. Almost, to the point that they want to leave the treatment and face the consequences.

Whether their next appointment won’t be available for another couple of months or the reason for their treatment isn’t as urgent as other diagnoses, health professionals should help patients and communities develop healthy habits one step at a time.


senior running and developing healthy habits for his remote patient monitoring and telehealth program - senior ejecutando y desarrollando hábitos saludables para su programa de telesalud y monitoreo remoto de pacientes

How to create healthy habits for patients:

Key points while creating healthy habits:

A backbone of best practices with patients is personalizing interactions with them, using culturally appropriate tools and languages as allies. Using interpreters, platforms, and bilingual software, health professionals can get the best outcomes for their patients and for themselves.

Creating simple but specific tasks for the patient on a weekly or monthly basis has shown an increase in adherence to their medication resulting in a significant reduction in the progression of chronic deceases and hospitalization.

Increasing engagement during patient interaction reinforce a positive relationship and better outcome with the communities, allowing doctors and medical staff to grow their practices and reach more patients.


senior couple using a cellphone phone for remote patient monitoring and telehealth - healthy habits - pareja mayor usando un teléfono celular para monitoreo remoto de pacientes y telesalud - hábitos saludables mental health salud mental

Using technology to motivate a better lifestyle:

By using technology, you can encourage your patients to follow healthy habits for life: daily reminders, motivational quotes, specific follow-ups, tracking vital signs, and reporting daily activity progress.

Esvyda through remote monitoring, telehealth, and bilingual services, will helping you reach the goals of your patients.


Creating Healthy Habits For Patients

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