Esvyda: the best-integrated solution for patient care

Esvyda is a unique digital care integrated solution for patient care, founded by its current CEO, Elias Lozano. Primarily to offer a bilingual platform for telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and “behavioral management” for providers, patients, employers, and consumers.

As a result, Esvyda integrated solution strives to provide access to digital care with high-quality equipment. Simultaneously working hand in hand with professionals in tech, health care, and developing areas. Hence, our team is continually searching for the outsmart option for profitability, reimbursement, and best practices in health care. While subsequently, taking care of patients and families, providing comfortable and usable tools for doctors, nurses, and general clinical staff.

Esvyda is designed and developed to supply the needs for a quicker and more efficient new way of delivering health in the United States whenever and wherever needed.

beneficios de telesalud Telehealth And Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits

How does Esvyda manage to offer a complete health integrated solution?

The first idea of Elias (Esvyda’s CEO) was born on his parents’ needs, the main question at that time was: ¿how to properly take care of them while integrating their daily lives with new medical challenges and treatments?

Afterward, was possible to come to the realization that what was positive for their parent’s medical care, was also a possibility for a broader population.

As a result, after working in conjunction with technology, receiving health care advice, and a supportive community of people looking for their well-being; Esvyda presents a customizable platform for population management and a healthy environment.

Furthermore, our integrated solution proposes a medical practice flow refined with investigations by different medical teams. Also, based on the understanding of their better practices to support outpatient services such as RPM, CCM, BHI, and others.

What are the benefits of using the Esvyda integrated solution?

What is in the future for Esvyda?

As an integrated solution platform, our mission is to ensure that patients receive complete and high-quality care while introducing new services such as pharmacy, behavioral management, and the newest technology integration to supply and assist the needs of a constantly changing health care system.

Esvyda: The Best-Integrated Solution For Patient Care

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