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What would you think if technology allows you to ...

Senior Patient in Remote Patient Monitoring RPM and Telehealth Technology / paciente telemedicina y tecnologia

1. Secure real-time communication technology

Patient and Care Team Health Providers Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth technology flow workflow 2/tecnologia esvyda - flujo de trabajo

2. Esvyda makes technology easier for seniors

We provide a senior-designed platform offering a single channel for presenting benefitshealth-relatedand other sources to support them.

All this high-tech structure saves healthcare costs. Hospitals readmit within 30 days, nearly one out of five discharged Medicare patients. Costing over $26 billion every year. (APTA)

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Of U.S seniors want to access to medical records.

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Of Medicare patients use an Internet connection

3. The help patients need

Esvyda is aware of patients’ role in their own treatment. We understand that active participation and efficient communication with health care providers are the keys to successful outcomes.

HealthCare System, Healthcare Professional Care team: Doctors, Nurses, Specialists; Providers: Hospitals, Clinics, Urgent care; Payers: Manage care, Health insurance companies. Esvyda bridges all health care gaps, creating a healthy ecosystem, placing patients/individuals at the center and providing the right support for care teams. Daily Life, Family & Friends: Non-clinical Care givers, Community: Social interaction, Social workers. Esvyda’s Lifestyle Coaches will support patient’s journey with empathy and non-judgment help, to reduce readmissions and ER visits through it’s Telemonitoring and Telemedicine Technology solution/sistema de salud - tecnologia

Technology with emphasis on bilingual population. (English and Spanish)

We understand the Spanish-speaking population’s health and technology needs. We commit to helping and educating all the health members involved, improving patients’ health and lifelong healthy behaviors.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth benefits.

Patient using technology for remote patient monitoring and telehealth / paciente usando tecnologia

The Best Technology For Better Lives!

Esvyda is a complete telemedicine and telemonitoring solution that combines state-of-the-art technology with the human sensibility of a lifestyle coach. Get to know our services and all the benefits you can get with Esvyda!

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