How Esvyda helps health payers

Reducing Readmissions and ER Visits, Improving The Quality of Lives

Esvyda Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring solution supports payers in the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions of their members, coordinating care among all care teams involved, providing real-time and actionable information. Care Providers may take action on time, reducing costs. Specially for Hispanic population.

Esvyda works with:

Healthy members to prevent diseases.

Those who are suffering chronic conditions.

Avoiding progressions of
diseases and manage

Esvyda may interoperate with EHRs information related to patientallergies and active problems, patient vital sign metrics results, patient appointments and goals, messages and alerts, nurse notes and other customizable features.

Esvyda Technology

1. 24/7 Telemonitoring

Real-time information reports available at your Healthcare Providers hands! Integration with wireless medical devices. Task management and alerts.

2. Enhance communication capabilities

Better decision sharing among care teams or with other providers or facilities for suggestions or advises. Provide patient engagement to treatments. SMS, Chat, Video/Audio Interaction. 

3. Medication Adherence

Reminders, alerts and rells. Drug dispenser Integration optional.

What we have for your Care Teams


  • Alerts and task management
  • Appointments scheduler
  • Care team management
  • Communication in real time
  • Interoperability
  • Medical devices
  • Easy to use mobile app for patients
  • Patients mood tracking
  • Patients daily times setup
  • Patients targets setup
  • Patients logbook
  • Prescriptions management
  • Re-engage patients tools
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Medication management

Our solution allows to manage patients’ tasks in a customizable easy and understandable way for them.

Follow Up
Use of Durable
Medical Equipment

Care Plan and Action Plan Management

Physical Activity
Diet and Nutrition
Social Interaction
Leisure Time

Engages patients with




Esvyda works very closely with public and private health plans in all of their available programs

  • Programs to manage patients with chronic conditions: Care Management Services such as Chronic Care Management (CCM), Complex Care Management and Transitional Care Management (TCM).
  • Initial and Follow Up Online Consultations.
  • Senior Care.
  • Home Care.
  • Behavioral Health.
  • Preventive and Wellness. Programs: Fitness, nutrition and stress management activities.
  • Other Available Programs by CMS and Private Payers.

Esvyda support Patient's Journey

Our lifestyle coaches will support patients throughout their journeys, so they will never be alone, even when Healthcare Providers are not available for them!
Healthcare Providers may see step by step their improvements or discover some patterns that may lead to poor outcomes and take action in advance!

Esvyda makes Technology easier for Seniors

As people age, it is normal to experience changes in vision, hearing and mobility, but this does not have to impact a senior’s participation in staying healthy. Esvyda engage seniors making understandable the technology, using customizable channels of communication. Esvyda provide a senior-designed platform offering a single channel for presenting benefit, health-related and other resources to supportthem.

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