How Telehealth is changing healthcare?

Telehealth is changing the healthcare system and the approach doctors, nurses and medical staff had to prevention, wellness, and treatment. By providing a handful of solutions based on the patients’ and communities’ needs. The usage of virtual health tools has come across as a rescue in times of crisis and as the best ally to protect the health system.

Due to the facility, we have now to connect, explore and share using the technology; cell phones, laptops, and PCs. We are increasing our capacity to search for our wellness as patients or to provide services as medical staff. Telehealth is an inviting solution that will make health care faster, easier, and convenient for different lifestyles. Just when the time is more valuable than ever.


Most important changes telehealth has made in healthcare:

Create a solution that works differently for each provider and patient, adjusting to their needs with comfortable tools that allow them to transform and adapt whenever needed.

Telehealth allows patients to connect 24/7 with their doctors and healthcare providers, while at the same time decreasing the amount of time patients have to spend on their face-to-face appointments.

Provide a better way for medical staff to practice medicine, while also protecting patient privacy, through an easier connection between medical charts, virtual appointments, and treatment.

Adapt to a technological culture, improving the services provided to offer high-quality services for patients and their families.

Follow up on treatments in real-time, increasing the positive patient experience, prevention, and health culture.

Increase the access patients in rural and remote areas had to health services while keeping the quality of the services and offering solutions to their health issues.

Is telemedicine the future of the healthcare system?

From 2019 to 2020 consumer adoption of telehealth increased from 11% to 46% in the US, where more patients are sharing positive experiences and showing a preference for this method over the face-to-face visits.


As a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic , doctors were also forced to find a new solution, reducing patient contact while still protecting their staff, patients and families. Telehealth remains an important solution that ensures better outcomes for patients and doctors to this day.

Thanks to the easy and frequent availability of telehealth solutions, more patients are seeking doctors who can use the solution to provide medical advice and address their family needs.

Evidence Based Practice Center reports that during the pandemic, telehealth solutions increased their number of users as well as the evidence of effectiveness in diverse groups of patients and communities and how it adapted to the needs of the medical urgency the Covid19 presented.

About Esvyda

Esvyda is a platform for Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring, with different focus modules for health care. Especially, for providers, it is a practical solution that increases reimbursement and revenue, increases the care-providing time, and promotes patient engagement to improve health outcomes.

Also, patients can have the best healthcare solution, because we approach/engage them, without disrupting their daily lives or routines. Meaning, that our technological and health-supportive solution adapts to patients’ lives and preferences.

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