Industrial Revolution and Telehealth

The first industrial revolution arose more than 200 years ago powered by the discovery of the steam engine. As a result, this allowed for faster and higher production at a lower cost. Later, there was talk of revolutions in the field of electricity, information technology, software systems, and communication technology.

Today we are talking about a fourth revolution that represents an important mindset change. Since it compromises everything that surrounds us, people, data, machines, and industries.

industrial revolution

The fourth revolution, also called industry 4.0, will include virtual assets. Like, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, data science, and blockchain. These new technologies merge the physical, digital, and biological worlds, impacting the way we live, favoring the transformation of humanity.

With the current industrial revolution, industries expect to have higher productivity, more efficient decision-making, and more optimal production processes. All of this, accompanied by direct, massive, and personalized communication, among other changes that will impact economic sectors.

Industrial Revolution and Health Care

Various areas of industries can evidence changes and improvements when using high-technology tools. In Health Care, the development of new devices brings innovation, which allows discovering new ways to address existing problems that range from the simplest to the most complex, an example of which is telehealth.

In the United States, the Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring model has led to several advances in terms of coverage and care in the country.

The industrial revolution in the field of Health Care allows progress to integrate more efficiently in processes, optimize times and related costs, and guarantee better and faster patient care by the medical team.

Close-up of couple measuring blood pressure and having video call with their doctor from home. for remote patient monitoring and telehealth, for ensuring patient data protection. mental health salud mental, datos de los pacientes

About Esvyda

Esvyda is a user-friendly vertically integrated End-to-End outpatient platform. With our eHealth solutions, we help providers to keep engaged their patients by reaching out to patients at their best convenience while delivering billable and Intelligent remote care solutions for population management available anywhere anytime.

It is the perfect solution for providers, payers, patients, and employers.

Industrial Revolution And Telehealth

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