Some advises to create an innovation solution!

Innovation is the change now. – Esvyda philosophy

Nowadays, innovation is a big differentiating and survival factor among organizations. The market changes faster and faster, encouraging companies to implement innovative ideas.

Although many companies want to be innovative, only a few of them achieve this goal, mostly because of lack of knowledge about what, how, when, where, why and to whom innovate, some others fear of changing the status quo, organizations prefer to stick to a strategy as long as it seems to be working

To encourage the creation of innovative ideas, an organization could:

1. Listen Beyond Internal Voices Of The Team

In the field of innovation is important to listen beyond the internal voices of the team itself, a product does not have to meet personal needs or desires.

Listening beyond the echo of the company’s team voices themselves, carefully observe the market and finally align objectives of the different parts of the team, understand and address those who thoroughly investigate the competitor and observe the consumer and align strategies with those who have the technological knowledge.

Communication - Innovation (Innovación)
User Experience - Experiencia de usuario - Innovation/Innovación

2. Keep in Mind The User Experience

The product has to keep the user in mind, it has to improve his experience, making complex uses, simple functions, saving time.

Innovation is not about the creation of a “Super Product Never Seen Before”, in this field there are already many geniuses, it is about the creation of a solution capable of being understood by any user without distinction of economic, social or educational level, to turn it into something so necessary to be part of a user’s daily life.

3. Provide Several User Support Strategies

Once you got customers, design several strategies of support. There is not a one-size-fits-all strategy, they have to be created based on user or customer behavior. I would suggest to embed it into your solution. For instance, if you have designed web or mobile app, try to provide some guidance inside it. Some users won’t want to call, or text on a website, others won’t read the guidelines available outside their phone. 

Support Graphic for Innovation Solutions / Gráfico de soporte para soluciones Innovadoras.
ROI for Innovation - ROI para innovación

4. Build a Solution With A Strong ROI Strategy

It is important to create a solution that provides different goals: In the first instance, provide a clear ROI for the short, middle and long term to those who will buy and/or use it, have a clear offer, solving an immediate need. Up to here, it would not seem innovative if I also propose an added value. The ROI may be reflected in time-saving as well because of a reduction of administrative tasks. Thus, if you are able to convert time to money saved, you will win in this field!

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