Telehealth, 5 awesome benefits

Esvyda is the best option of Telehealth for clinicians to get meaningful data from patients and connect with them using online consultations, everything integrated with EHRs.

Telehealth may do a lot of changes in a medical practice

Patients may be very satisfied, because they may save time and money avoiding transportation and even, they do not need to take time off from work to see a medical doctor. That way clinicians may get in touch with patients easily and at the same time administrative tasks are reduced because of the use of virtual consultations.

Telehealth may do a lot of changes in a medical practice / Beneficios de la telemedicina

1. Medical practices may benefit from using telehealth and profits may increase in less than a month.

We will tell you why:


Clinicians may book more consultations: Medical practices realize about the fact that booking more than traditional number of visits per clinician per day do not require more staff, because it is a very easy process. Let us say 2 providers, performing 2 video visits per day, will earn an extra $67,200 per year, only for two video visits per day.


Clinicians may opt in to see patients after business hours or even on weekends, incrementing revenue, this provides convenience in time for both clinicians and patients.


No-shows reduction It is a waste of time and money when patients cancel or do not attend apts. Patients having the ability to book, do all the check-in and payment process at their best convenient way and from home and having the option to connect with doctor through video reduces significantly the amount of no-shows.


Offer a patient who calls to cancel a face-to-face consultation an option to see doctor online. If a patient has a face-to-face apt. and he calls in the last minute to cancel it, medical staff may suggest patient to have it online.


Dealing with transportation expenses issues and long distances is difficult for patients and it may be a barrier for visiting the doctor, thus telemedicine is a helpful option for them. Sometimes, patients choose a practice because geography proximity and after they move, they change providers. telemedicine may avoid all those issues related to geography barriers.

2. Telehealth for programs related with prevention and treatment of diseases

Telehealth is a great opportunity for a medical practice to offer not only isolated video visits but alsofor programs about prevention associated with lifestyle as well as for programs related with chronic disease treatments of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, among others.

3. Reduction of administrative burden with Telehealth

Because of patients may do check-in process online for face-to-face or online consultations, staff may spend less time on patients’ check-ins, they will have to cope with less patients at the front office as well.

4. Follow ups made through phone and e-mail may be now reimbursed adding telehealth

It is well-know that insurers do not reimburse clinicians for calls or e-mails follow ups. However, if they add the video component for reviewing tests, medication or management of treatments, most of these services will be reimbursable.

5. Telehealth for CCM and TCM

Clinicians may take advantage of using telemedicine to get reimbursed for Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Transitional Care Management (TCM) services. The advantage of implementing telemedicine for these services is that they do not require an originated site, because home may be used by patients to get online consultations, this is a good option to keep patients engaged, that way clinicians may meet the time required for any of the services and
get paid for that.

And let us add something else …

People or patients are looking at providers that offer more convenient and affordable way to get care and if your practice meet these needs you may increase revenue having happy patients.

Telehealth Benefits / Beneficios de la telemedicina

Esvyda Telehealth solution will help

Esvyda can help clinicians to design several strategies for the incorporation and adoption of telemedicine solutions in their different specialties. We support clinicians in understanding how and when telehealth services may be used, setting up short, middl and log term goals for implementation. For patients, we may implement several guidelines for educating patients in the use of telehealth service.

"Having the right technology at the right time, we may keep patients at home with the right treatment for them"

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