Telemedicine, a great way to treat viruses!

Telemedicine helps to prevent crowds of people in waiting rooms and also, allows  patients comunicate with their doctors anytime, anywhere.

It is not easy to be prepared for the flu or virus season, however, having the right technology at the right time, we may keep patients at home with the right treatment for them and clinicians will provide a better and more accurate service.


a great way to treat

Flu season increases the number of patient visits and the risk for contracting the virus to clinicians as well. All of clinicians have their own families and loved ones to take care of, thus, they must double their work, at offices and at home.

Although, we know some solutions work on some ways such as vaccines and hand washing, the flu may be still contagious. However, a few time ago some clinicians have opted in telemedicine as the best way to treat and prevent the virus for themselves and families as well as medical and administrative staff.

Advantages of using TELEMEDICINE
to prevent and treat

For Patients

They may book apts. And do all the check-in process such as payment from the comfort of their home and at their best convenient and affordable way, without waiting for a long time to see a doctor or driving long distances. Nowadays patients own at least one digital device at home whether a laptop, mobile phone or tablet and a way to connect to internet.

Legislation has allowed almost all patients to be covered by their health plans to get telehealth services and even new laws for Medicare Advantage Plans are now including telehealth or online consultations as available services for their members.

For Clinicians

It may reduce the number of contagious patients in the waiting rooms avoiding the spreading of viruses among patients and even medical practice’s staff.

Clinicians may see a patient face-to-face in just some minutes, so clinicians can listen to and observe the patient for symptoms, such as runny nose, watery eyes, and coughing. If a clinician thinks the patient’s condition is serious but not urgent, he or she can explore treatment options, such as prescribing antiviral medications to lessen symptoms. And if a patient needs to go to the ED, a virtual clinician can triage quickly, while providing much-needed reassurance.

SOLUTION is able to help

Esvyda help clinicians to design several strategies for the incorporation and adoption of telemedicine solutions in their different specialties. We support clinicians in understanding how and when telehealth services may be used, setting up short, middle and log term goals for implementation. For patients, we may implement several guidelines for educating patients in the use of telehealth services.

It is not easy to be prepared for a flu or virus season, however, having the right technology at the right time, we may keep patients at home with the right treatment for them and avoid spreading this and other viruses.

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