Video for health: “Quick Link” Module

Video with just one click, you can see your Doctor right in the palm of your hand

Due to the Covid-19 and healthcare system deficiencies, the demand and the need for effective, affordable, and accessible telehealth and video solutions have increased.

Patients find it more comfortable to see a doctor at a meeting hosted in their homes or workplaces, avoiding transportation or waiting rooms. Places where patients feel more secure or are convenient for them.

A video call is a great tool for providers to connect with patients, calm fears, explain how a procedure works, solve questions and give advice.

This connection will be reflected in a higher scheduling demand, increased satisfaction rates, and better health outcomes.

patient in a video call with the doctor, video call via app
Remote patient monitoring phone and video telehealth

Esvyda® uses video as a tool for delivering Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring solutions.

Video calls allow tracking vital signs in real-time, lifestyle, and medication. Enabling healthcare providers to follow up a patient’s care plan adherence, and patients, caregivers, and families to track progress.

As the value-based healthcare services increase and pursue a high quality of patient care, payers and providers in the US are under the spotlight and the need to cut costs is a stark reality. More and more payers and providers are now recognizing and harnessing the benefits of using video technology across the practices, departments, programs, and treatments.

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Benefits of using video in healthcare

Benefits for Doctors

Secure Communication

Encrypted video helps Health Care Institutions and Doctors to transmit and keep Patients’ personal and health information secure and protected.

Esvyda works in compliance with HIPAA security protocols

Quick Connection

With video solutions and management tools, doctors can invite patients to join customized virtual video call rooms via email or text message with a couple of clicks.

Also, using video communications, teams of physicians can collaborate remotely exchanging information, observations, and recommendations to accelerate patient care and making informed decisions.

Better Time Management

A video pipe-structured module will show how many patients are in the virtual waiting room and how long they have been waiting. Helping doctors to better manage their schedule and their attention time.

 Video communications allow medical personnel to remotely evaluate patients and diagnose illnesses in real-time overcoming travel and geographical barriers.

Fully Customizable

Doctors can set up how, and which information will be shown to the patient on the invitation and in the waiting room.

This way practices can add a personal touch and make the patient feel just like in a face-to-face consultation.

Prevention-Focused Atenttion

With the help of video tools, doctors can follow up on patients’ health care status, monitor them regularly, and coordinate prevention programs and activities before needing high-cost procedures like ER visits.

Reduce No-Show Levels

Patients will be organized on a waiting queue as they sign in and removed if disconnected.

This way, doctors will attend the active video calls and minimize the time-wasting.

Benefits for Patients

Secure Communication

Using not certified video platforms can put in danger patients’ information’s integrity.


Lower the Covid-19 Infection Probabilities

Using video solutions, patients don’t have to wait for being attended in a room crowded with people.

They can see their doctor right from their living room. All that patients need is Internet coverage and a SmartPhone or Tablet

(Android or iOS)

User Friendly Interface

With just some clicks patients can launch our “Quick Link Video” Module

This service runs on the Smartphone or Tablet’s browser or our Esvyda Mobile App

Increase patient's satisfaction, engagement and adherence

Care team members, doctors, and family members can connect remotely through a video call to check in and monitor the patient’s health outcomes. These approaches help to provide better care centered on patients, increase treatment adherence and medication management.

No Time Waste

Patients can forget about driving for hours or going out from home for attending a medical appointment.

Patients can see their doctor on a video call conference and feel like on a face-to-face encounter.

Easy Access to Doctors

As doctors can open more slots in their schedule for video consultations, patients have more options to schedule a virtual appointment with a doctor when needed.

If patients need a specialist, they can reach it nationwide and without wasting time and money on transportation.

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