Where telehealth services can be provided?

With the right telehealth platform (or so well known as telemedicine) , you can reach out your patient/doctor without any trouble at anytime or even anywhere! 

Even though senior population uses more remote health services for their different conditions,  Telemedicine has been implemented as a life guard for people who live in rural areas or in busy areas, and cannot drive easily to doctors appointments or treatments, decreasing the dropout rate and increasing the consistency of patients in their treatments and doctor visits.

Telehealth has been made for everyone no matter their age, ethnicity, gender or geographic localization which helps a lot to avoid dropouts in the middle of the treatment and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There’s no excuse to not go to the doctor!  

telemedicine - telehealth

Telehealth tools

Conventional Telemedicine platforms offers various solutions that helps not only to generate more revenue but also, helps to improve patients quality of life. The most common tools are:

& much more! 

Benefits for medical staff

Benefits for patients

There are many companies that dedicate their business to produce telemedicine tools to help doctors and patients through, but not all of them cares for revenue and patients’ health improvement at the same time, that’s where Esvyda can help you.

How Esvyda help you make telehealth at reach!

Telemedicine is all about keeping up with health without any complications or trouble, It simplifies the meetings between doctors and patients, and also provides solutions for prevention and follow up treatments in real time.

Esvyda Platform offers a complete telehealth solution, helping doctors to gain more revenue while they improve their patients quality of life.

Learn more about us and request a demo!

Interoperabilidad y monitoreo remoto de pacientes y telesalud Esvyda modelo

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